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Pulsar doseBadge Noise Dosimeter Support

pulsar dosebadge noisem dosimeter

doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

Pulsar doseBadge Software

The doseBadge noise measurements are downloaded using the doseBadge Reader, which in turn connects to a computer for download to the dBLink software.


dBLink and Windows 8, Windows 10

If you have problems connecting to the Reader in Windows 8 then you probably need to install the new 64-bit driver. To do this please follow the instructions below:

  • Close dBLink if it is running (right-click the icon in the task bar and select Shut Down)
  • Download the latest drivers ZIP file and open it
  • Run the installation program and follow the instructions
  • Open dBLink and connect the Reader

doseBadge Reader Common Technical Issues

If dBLink is not connecting to the doseBadge Reader then this document may help to track down the cause of the problem.

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